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10 Causes of Chest Pain That Don’t Have to do With Your Heart


You can feel free to call us eternal optimists, but for the most part, we think the world is a pretty great place. Sure, there is war, poverty, and famine, however, every single day we see men and women rising up to struggles and challenges to realizing their dreams.

However, as strong as the mind can be in the face adversity, very often it is the body that limits many of us from reaching our full potential. For as the timeless adage goes – the mind is willing but the flesh is weak.

Injury and sickness are nothing new to mankind and as a direct result of it, we as humans have gained an intrinsic and deeper understanding of what is going on in our bodies.

No, we aren’t suggesting that you will no what’s wrong with you better than a doctor, rather, most of us are able to tell when something is wrong and that it is, in fact, time to go see a doctor.

When a person has a runny nose they will often think they have a cold; when a person is nauseous or sick to their stomach they may think they have the flu; and if a person trips, stumbles and hurts their leg, they may think it is broken. However, while most of us think we know what is wrong with us, it is usually only after visiting a healthcare professional do we get an accurate assessment of what is wrong with us. The problem is though, we live in an age of information, and all too often people’s minds will wander and they will assume the worst is wrong with them. And perhaps no sensation in the body causes a person to worry more than chest pain.

According to the Mayo Clinic, chest pain comes in many varieties, ranging from a sharp stab to a dull ache. Some chest pain is described as crushing or burning. In certain cases, the pain travels up the neck, into the jaw, and then radiates through to the back or down one or both arms. However, the problem with chest pain (well, one of the many problems with it) is that everybody always assumes the worst case scenario and fear that it has something to do with their heart. However, in reality, and as further iterated by the Mayo Clinic, there is a wide range of health problems that can cause chest pain. In many cases, the underlying cause has nothing to do with your heart — though there’s no easy way to tell without seeing a doctor. These are known as noncardiac chest pain or NCCP.

While it can be difficult, often even for a doctor, to tell what is the underlying cause of your chest pain, we thing we know for certain is that it does no goes what so ever to jump to conclusion and cause undue worry and anxiety thinking that you have a problem with your heart. But this does beg the question, if not my heart, then what is causing it? Glad you asked.

Although chest pain can be the result of something to do with your heart, from a statistical standpoint, it would be unlikely, or rather, it would be much more likely that one of these conditions is responsible. And so without further ado, allow us to present to you 10 causes of chest pain that aren’t your heart.





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