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10 Causes of Insomnia


Insomnia is a sleep disorder identified by difficulty falling or staying asleep or the inability to enjoy quality uninterrupted sleep. Sleeplessness can affect anyone at any age, however the condition is much more common among the elderly. Although it is a sleep disorder on its own, insomnia can also be associated with various other medical conditions that trigger a disturbance in one or more body systems, rhythms or patterns. In other words, sleeplessness can cause or be caused by other mental and physical ailments.

Almost no body system remains unaffected. In a person who is sleep deprived, a broad spectrum of illnesses can result ranging from irritability, memory loss and depression to heart disease, car accidents, and death. Primary Insomnia is not related to any other condition while Secondary Insomnia is a consequence of a different but related condition.

Causes of insomnia, which are wide-ranging and often difficult to identify with certainty, can be caused by or comorbid (co-occurring) with the following:





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