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10 Common Symptoms of Pneumonia


If you’ve been fortunate enough to go through life without ever catching pneumonia, then you have been given quite a gift. Most obtain the disease by being in a hospital, but millions of other patients develop it courtesy of the streptococcus bacteria.

People can actually walk around with this form of bacteria residing in the throat region without having any idea it’s there until they infect someone or become ill themselves.

Pneumonia is an airborne illness that can spread with ease through someone coughing or sneezing in your direction. There are over 3 million cases of the ailment diagnosed annually in the United States, and that number is expected to grow by 2017.

There are just as many children and infants that suffer from pneumonia then there are adults, but most commonly diagnosed with it are senior citizens.

Prevention can start be covering your cough, and always steering clear of those that are already sick, while additionally teaching your little ones to also do these same two measures as they often carry the bug to their senior family members.

Here are the 10 Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Pneumonia:





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