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10 Diseases You Can Get From Your Pets


Pets provide us companionship, playtime fun, unconditional love and endless affection. But pets can also give us things we don’t ask for. A stain on your newly shampooed sofa, some unsociable scents sneaking from the litter box, or that sudden saliva bath from your pooch, just because he’s so damned glad you came home one more time ! But beyond the harmless nastiness that drips and oozes from your furry friends, there are other guests that hitch rides with our pets that are much more harmful to the health of your family. Zoonotic illnesses are diseases you contract from your house pets, such as viruses, bacteria and fungal infections and can cause simple irritations or life-threatening illnesses.

Here are 10 diseases that you can easily catch from a pet, even if you live in upscale, hygienic environments, so beware:



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