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10 Huge Health Myths You Need To Stop Worrying About


Everyone seems to have that health myth that their grandmother used to warn them about, or so-called “old wive’s tales” that you may still talk to your own children about, but are they really true? Most haven’t looked into the legitimacy of hundreds of health rumors that have continued spread for decades. Instead, everyone just continues to spread them like a great tip you’re passing down to those you love. It’s time to take a closer look into some of these crazy ideas to see if they really stand up to scientific research or not.

That whole “swallow a watermelon seed and a watermelon will grow in your tummy” theory has become clearly evident that it wasn’t ever true, but there are a few that just aren’t as clear. Rmhealthy has grabbed some of the good ones to share with you, and you might be surprised with the outcomes!

Here are the 10 huge health myths you need to stop worrying about:





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