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10 Reasons Why You Eat When You’re NOT Actually Hungry


You have likely heard this before, or something along similar lines: “Obesity is a growing concern in America,” – no pun intended. However, we feel that it is important to mention it again, for while the problem has become much more recognized, obesity has shifted from being a national problem to a growing global epidemic. At it’s core is the obvious problem of people eating too much food, and with approximately 34 percent of American adults being classified as obese, it begs the question, why?

Human beings have always had a two-sided relationship with food, and much of that can be blamed on human nature. For while all living creatures need sustenance to survive, human beings have taken it one step further and transformed one of the most basic and inherent aspects of being alive into what is arguably an art form. And as such, humans have started to intrepid food as much more than a means of obtaining vital sustenance, rather it is something to be enjoyed, savored, and often, done in excess. But knowing as we do that eating too much leads to obesity, which in turn can lead to dozens of potentially fatal health complications, people still eat well and beyond the point of satisfying their hunger.

In order to change a bad habit, a person must first recognize it and accept it. So it is along those lines that we have compiled this list of some of the most common reason people eat when they are not hungry. And while we know eating can be a comforting response to a lot of the things that life can throw your way, as well as being just downright delicious, there are some much healthier responses that will have you enjoying life a lot longer.





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