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10 Signs of an Abdominal Hernia


Anyone who has ever experienced a hernia of any sort knows how painful and disruptive it can be. There are several variations of hernias, with the most common being an abdominal hernia. This is when large lumps form around the walls of the abdomen and certain organs that causes fatty tissue to start poking through the skin in the midsection as if the patient was bloated, or even resembling a pregnant female.

Some other types of abdominal hernias are umbilical, femoral, and hiatal. All are equally as bothersome as each other, causing the patient to have difficulty sleeping, sitting for long periods of time, and walking long distances. These hernias generally are caused by weakened stomach muscles, by an issue at birth, from a pregnancy, or as a result of a surgical procedure.

Check out the 10 signs of an abdominal hernia:





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