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10 Signs of Anxiety


It’s not uncommon to experience anxiety when something major is going on in your life, like an argument with your significant other or a looming work deadline. Unfortunately, people who suffer from regular anxiety feel stressed out in their daily lives, even when nothing particularly stressful is going on. Anxiety is medically defined as feeling worried, nervous or uneasy about something that has an uncertain outcome. There are both physical and psychological anxiety symptoms to watch out for.

If you’re wondering if you’re dealing with an anxiety problem, watch out for one of the following ten signs.

1. Stressed Out All The Time

2. Experiencing Sleep Difficulties

3. Your Fears Are Irrational

4. Your Muscles Are Tense

5. You Have Chronic Digestive Problems

6. You Experience Intense Stage Fright

7. You’re Always Self-Conscious

8. You Suffer From Panic Attacks

9. You Have Flashbacks to a Traumatic Event

10. You Strive for Perfectionism





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