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10 Signs of a Blood Clot


Blood clots are a thickened mass of blood that can form in your arms, or legs, due to genetics, obesity, pregnancy, smoking, sitting in one position for a long length of time, and other health reasons. Blood clots can prevent excess bleeding when a blood vessel is injured, as a type of blood cells called platelets, work cohesively with proteins to form the clot, and stop its bleeding.

However, there are times when blood clots form without injury, and do not dissolve organically; leaving an individual in need of immediate treatment. This is especially urgent if a clot detaches itself from a vein, and streams towards your lungs, causing what is known as a ‘pulmonary embolism’. There are over a hundred thousand patients that sadly lose their battle with pulmonary embolisms each year in the United States alone.

This is on top of the few hundred thousand patients that survive their blood clot episodes, which is really making a statement that this is a seriously popular ailment that require quick treatment.

Wondering what to look out for when it comes to a blood clot?

Here are the 10 common signs of blood clots:





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