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10 Signs of a Heart Attack

In the United States alone, roughly 800,000 people per year suffer a heart attack. That’s quite a number of men and women of all ages coping with a painful medical issue; often regardless of their state of health. Even though heart attacks don’t typically discriminate, a chilling reality is how many women die within a year after their attack occurred. Heart disease is unfortunately very common in females, so much so that it takes more female lives every year over breast cancer.

Heart attacks happen as a result of blocked arteries, or the heart not getting enough blood supply. These are without question considered to be medical emergencies, so if at any point you are feeling any of the warning signs of one developing, get to a hospital.


Treatment can come in the form of bypass surgery, stents being placed into the patient, or by a cardiac specialist administering medications.

Is there a way to prevent a heart attack, or possibly know when you may be developing one? Experts say the vast majority of heart attack patients have several common warning signs just days leading up to their attacks that if known, could possibly save someone’s life.

Here are the 10 most common signs and symptoms of a heart attack: