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10 Signs of Multiple Myeloma


A type of cancer that relates to plasma cells in bone marrow, multiple myeloma (MM) plays a vital role in immune function. As plasma cells generally create antibodies, the unrestrained production of these plasma cells that occur through MM often means an individual can suffer from bone fractures and pain, infections, anemia, and other issues.

The risk for this disease increases as one ages, in fact, most who are diagnosed with MM tend to be 60+. Additionally, it seems African Americans are liker to develop this form of cancer, however, the reason for this fact is unknown. It also seems to be tied in with genetics, as those with a parent or sibling with the disease increase their chances of getting MM, by four times. Lastly, the illness is more common in males than females; however, researchers are unsure of the root cause for the disease.

While there is no cure currently, there are treatments for MM, to help with symptoms, encourage remission, and help sufferers live a longer life.

Here are the 10 common signs of multiple myeloma.


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