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10 Signs of Appendicitis


Some health care professionals refer to the appendix as redundant; others as something left behind throughout our human evolution. Regardless of your school of thought, one thing that can’t be argued about the finger-sized organ that science can’t explain is that when it gets blocked, inflamed, infected or worse burst – you’re in trouble.

While its function is still a mystery, from an anatomical standpoint, the appendix is a small tube that attaches to the begging of the large intestine, where the small and large intestine meets. It has an opening at one end that connects to the large intestine and closed on the other so that material can move freely through it. Now that is a healthy appendix.

On the inverse, if the open end of appendix gets plugged, be it from swelling or blockage, then the appendix begins to swell further. This excessive swelling stops the blood flow to the organ as the appendix tissue begins to die. If not treated, the appendix eventually bursts, which in can prove to be fatal.

Hopefully if you suffer from appendicitis, it doesn’t get that far, and with these 10 signs of one impending, your chances of catching it early just got better.


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