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10 Signs of Postpartum Depression


Congratulations new mothers! You’ve just brought an amazing little human into the world! Now comes the fun part; the sleep deprivation, the feedings, diapers, and so it ensues. While most take it all in, as best as they can, motherhood can be rather overwhelming. Often new moms have so many emotions going around their heads that they feel drastically different, one day to the next. Depression, feeling sad, or experiencing challenges bonding with your new baby can all be too much to take. Postpartum depression can quickly take all of the joy out of being a mom, and the sooner a new mother consults with her doctor about it, the quicker her recovery can be.

Postpartum psychosis is very different from the depression version. Most women develop postpartum depression weeks after they’ve given birth, however, some report symptoms months after. The psychosis form begins right after having the baby within the first two weeks. The symptoms are more in-depth and severe than the latter version, and can even lead to life threatening thoughts.

If you or someone you care about is showing any signs of postpartum grief, please urge them to get the care they are entitled to, immediately. In the meantime, noticing indicators to this mental health illness if the first step. Below are the top 10 signs and symptoms of postpartum.





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