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10 Signs of Scalp Psoriasis


Psoriasis is a common skin condition; nearly 8 million people in the United States have been diagnosed with it. With scalp psoriasis, the raised, scaly clusters of skin cells that are characteristic of the condition with grow on your scalp either below the hairline or spreading to behind your ears. Doctors do not know the cause, but it is known that psoriasis is not contagious. The severity of the condition can vary from slight to severe.

In very bad cases, it can lead to hair loss, which is caused by the intense itching. There are many treatments available for scalp psoriasis including gels and medicated shampoos. If you are looking for over the counter options, look for products containing salicylic acid and/or coal tar. For more concentrated treatments your doctor can prescribe ingestible medicine as well as topical medications. Scalp psoriasis is a very manageable condition with treatment usually lasting around 8 weeks.


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