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10 Signs and Symptoms of Endometriosis


A woman’s period is generally not the most pleasant time of the month for her. Cramps, moodiness, that bloated feeling; most females dread the seven (or so) days during their menstrual cycle. Which makes the condition of endometriosis that more horrific for those ladies who suffer from the disorder.

Endometriosis is a condition that revolves around a woman’s menstrual cycle. A painful illness, it occurs when the tissue that is suppose to develop inside a female’s uterus (endometrium) ends up lining outside the reproductive organ. Endometrial tissue can line along a woman’s fallopian tubes, the lining around the pelvis, and ovaries – and at rare times, it can also grow past a female’s pelvic organs.

With the condition, this wrongfully placed tissue lines as it generally would if it was in the uterus: thickening, breaking down, and bleeding during a women’s cycle. However, because this endometrial tissue has no route to leave a woman’s body, it is then trapped. The end result? Well, if it forms on the ovaries, cysts (referred to as endometriomas) can develop. Additional things that can occur are: tissues surrounding the area can become irritated creating adhesions and scar tissues, as well as abnormal fibrous tissues can make organs and pelvic tissues to stick together.

This is a chronic condition that can cause a female a tremendous amount of pain, especially during her menstrual cycle. The good news is, it is not fatal disorder and there are many treatment options available to patients; the bad news is, if left untreated it can cause infertility and even ovarian cancer.

There are some tell-tale signs when it comes to the disorder, and if you notice any of the 10 signs and symptoms of endometriosis below, it is best visit your doctor to seek diagnosis and potential treatment options.





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