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10 Signs & Symptoms of IBS


A condition that alters the functioning of your intestines, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can be quite painful, cause embarrassing gas, and can create bowel habits that resemble a rollercoaster. Individuals can suffer from issues around constipation, or the need to go ‘number two’ more frequently; and they can flip back and forth from these two symptoms, constantly. At the end up the day, when it comes to IBS, there is no ‘in between’ as it relates to bowel movements.

There doesn’t seem to be an underlying reason behind what causes IBS, and it is a chronic condition that individuals need to treat, long term. Some factors that can trigger this condition, include: stress, hormones, food, and other illnesses. While the symptoms of IBS are rather uncomfortable, the good news is, not many suffer through extreme symptoms and signs of the illness; and most can help control their symptoms through diet, healthy lifestyle choices, and avoiding stress. At times, some may need specific medication and other therapies. Most times, however, IBS patients are able to feel and find their way through the condition by learning what helps manage their symptoms, and are able to cope with their IBS through exercise, eating right, and increasing their water intake.

The severity of IBS can vary significantly from patient to patient. Below are the top ten signs and symptoms to look out for, when it comes to irritable bowel syndrome


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