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10 Signs and Symptoms That You Have an Overgrowth of Candida

Most women go through months or even years of living with telltale candida symptoms just assuming they have had bad luck in health, and not treating the overgrowth issue. This candida overgrowth is basically nothing but a yeast issue exploding internally, and in turn, it can cause a slew of symptoms to develop that are not only annoying, but disturbing your day. Millions of women primarily live with this condition every day without any knowledge of it. Men can also have it, even though it is more commonly known in females.

Candida overgrowth can be tested at your doctor’s office through stool samples, blood work, or even an at home test that you can purchase at any local drug store. If you have determined that do have a candida overgrowth, the easiest step in curing the condition is to change your diet. Sugar for example feeds the candida, and if you have a low sugar or sugar free diet it will start to show signs of subsiding the issue. Probiotics are another way to get help immediately for your symptoms. Drink lots of water, and work closely with your physician to get your symptoms under control as once you have infections all over the body you may have to administer a serious dose of antibiotics to get everything back to normal.

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