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10 Signs of Ulcerative Colitis


When your body is suffering from digestive complications, it can wreak havoc on your life 24 hours a day. Ulcerative colitis causes ulcers and unrelenting inflammation in your digestive tract. It specifically affects the lining of your large intestine and your rectum. The symptoms of this condition typically develop over time. Currently, there is no cure for ulcerative colitis, but treatments exist that can significantly reduce chronic symptoms and can even put the disease in remission. Diet and stress are factors that can contribute to and irritate this condition, but the root cause is still unknown.

It is believed to be a malfunction of the immune system; your body attacks the lining of your digestive tract as if it were attacking a virus or bacterium. This condition may also be inherited genetically. Life threatening conditions can develop if ulcerative colitis is left unchecked, so if you suspect you may have this condition, seek the advice of your doctor.

Here are 10 signs of ulcerative colitis:





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