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10 Signs of Vertigo


Ever have a day when you feel dizzy and the room is spinning? Welcome to the world of vertigo, and sadly thousands of adults suffer from debilitating cases of it every day.

How does one develop vertigo? It’s typically as a result of a terrible accident such as a car crash or a bad fall. Others can obtain it from other illnesses such as ‘Meniere’s Disease’. This is a disease where the ears trap too much fluid inside them and the pressure of the fluid becomes too much for the head to handle causing crazy dizzy spells. Other vertigo sufferers get it from a condition called BBPV, or Vestibular Neuritis. This is from something as simple as calcium building up in the ears causing vertigo.

Once someone is diagnosed with vertigo there are treatments available that can greatly help the patient better manage their symptoms on a regular basis. Many have had success with medications such as Klonopin, or Zofran to get them past an episode when they have to be at work, or even traveling and can’t lay in bed until their symptoms subside. Vertigo can be stressful to get a handle on at first for most newly diagnosed patients, but with some awareness of what triggers your symptoms, and what works best, you can live a normal life in most cases working closely with an audiologist or ENT doctor.

Here are the 10 signs of vertigo:





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