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10 Symptoms of Kidney Failure


Located in the abdomen toward the back, kidneys are a vital organ in the body that play a pivotal role when it comes to electrolyte balance, producing red blood cells, and controlling your blood pressure. Their main function is to filter waste products in the blood, and kidney failure occurs when this organ loses its filtering capabilities; causing significant levels of waste to gather, and resulting in the chemical makeup of your body’s blood becoming out of whack.

Therefore, kidney failure is a very serious health condition, and one that can bring on subtle symptoms that often go un-diagnosed over time. Typically, most patients that suffer from kidney failure have lived with kidney disease for quite a while, before things really start to break down. Healthy kidneys are an important factor in a person’s longevity, so looking closely at any signs that may indicate something is wrong, is quite key to detecting this illness, to seek early treatment.

Here are the top 10 symptoms of kidney failure:


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