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10 Symptoms of a Latex Allergy


Many years ago it was nearly impossible to get through a hospital without being exposed to latex, as most weren’t really aware of how many were living with a latex allergy. Fast forward to 2016, and the public is now well versed in the numerous allergies that can pose life threatening results if not treated quickly, including latex. Later is derived from rubber trees by utilizing the sap from them to create the elastic products used by millions in the healthcare field. It’s additionally found in condoms, many toys, balloons, and school supplies as well.

Experts have revealed that many with latex allergies are those that work in the healthcare field, or that are exposed to latex products on a regular basis. If you have even the slightest form of a latex allergy the more you are around it, the worse it becomes.

It’s also known that those who have latex challenges also commonly live with other allergies, such as food or nut ones.

Latex allergies can go from mild to serious in a short period of time, so it is important that if you begin to notice these reactions, even if they are subtle; that you consult with your doctor about them right away. They can get out of hand in no time, and even result in anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal if not handled immediately. If you begin to notice rashes, or trouble breathing after being exposed to latex products, get to an urgent care or emergency department as soon as possible.

Here are the ten signs and symptoms of a latex allergy:





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