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10 Signs and Symptoms of AIDS/HIV

Known as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), this condition deals with an attack on cells that assist the body when it comes to combating infection, thus making an individual more vulnerable to diseases and illnesses. It is contracted via specific body fluids by a person with the virus (to another), through unprotected sex or sharing injections. If it is not diagnosed or treated, HIV can turn into acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, better known as AIDS.

The final stage of HIV, AIDS occurs when a person’s immune system is damaged by HIV. As HIV is a progressive condition, meaning as time wears on the virus gets worse and worse, if someone is diagnosed with HIV early enough and placed on medication, this can stop the progression of HIV. Many within the U.S. that are diagnosed with the illness do not necessarily develop AIDS as they have been able to catch the virus in time.

There are several symptoms linked with HIV and AIDS, and not every person with the illness exhibits the same signs of the condition. Signs also heavily depend on what stage of the disease the person is in, and there are three in total.

Below are 10 common symptoms of HIV and AIDS.