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10 Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis

The central nervous system is perhaps one of the most important systems in our bodies. It consists of the brain and spinal cord and is responsible for controlling most of the body and mind’s functions. However, when the spinal cord, or the means of transport for these electrical nerve impulses to travel between the body and the brain, becomes hindered, interesting side effects can occur.

The spine in the human body consists of 26 bones in your back, which allows you to stand straight and bend over. But, another important job of the spine is to protect the spinal cord from being hurt. About 75 percent of cases of spinal stenos occur in the lower back, which causes a narrowing of the spine that compresses the nerve root causing pain in the back of the leg. Nevertheless, this is only one of many possible signs and symptoms that you might be suffering from spinal stenosis.

When a person suffers from spinal stenosis, however, the spine becomes narrowed in one or more of these three places:

• the space at the center of the spine
• the canal where nerves branch out from the spine
• the space between the vertebra or bones of the spine

In order to combat this lesser-known ailment, we have decided to sift through all the information we could find and speak with medical professionals in order to provide you with 10 of the most common symptoms of spinal stenosis.