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10 Symptoms of Strep Throat


Strep throat is one of those ailments that you typically don’t ever forget experiencing. With over 3 million cases of strep being diagnosed each year in the United States, the illness certainly doesn’t discriminate. It can develop commonly in children, adults, and senior citizens alike.

Strep throat isn’t the worst illness one can develop, but you definitely know the difference between a regular, everyday sore throat, and the strep version. Most obtain strep via children passing it around. The bacteria hangs around inside the throat called “group A streptococcus” and as many are unaware they have strep yet, this is how the illness spreads.

This all relates back to instilling good hand washing habits with the little ones, as a simple one minute scrub can prevent a lot of sick days. Strep throats generally force you to go see a doctor because you can’t swallow food very well, and the pain of your throat swelling up can be unbearable.





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