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10 Things To Consider With Wrinkle Injection

Unlike Botox, wrinkle injections help to fill the crease, area, or line of a wrinkle and relax the muscle underneath it with a variety of substances. End result? Trouble spots almost disappear! Wrinkle injections can offer up a youthful look, without the high cost that a facelift brings. Most options fill up wrinkles, hollows, and lines in less than half an hour, and results can last for at least up to four months, to over a year.

Wrinkle injections are also used to lift and plump up (volumize) temples, cheeks, chins, as well as jawlines – and can be used to fill out plump lips that are thinning, and plumped sagging hands. It’s important to note that the type of wrinkle injection really depends on the type of wrinkle you want to help eliminate.

When you decide to move forward with the treatment, ensure to reach out to a plastic surgeon or board-certified dermatologist with special training.

If you are thinking about moving forward with a wrinkle injection for a problematic area, it’s very important to do a little research, understand the differing injections available, pros, as well as cons, side effects, and other considerations. With that all said, below are 10 things to consider with wrinkle injections.