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10 Things You Should Consider About Rhinoplasty

A surgery that alters the shape of a person’s nose, rhinoplasty is conducted for those that want to enhance breathing, or simply help change how their nose looks. The lower section of a person’s nose is cartilage, while the upper part is bone. The rhinoplasty procedure can change the skin of the nose, cartilage, bone, or all three of these, depending on what needs to be achieved. It can change the proportions, shape, or size of a person’s nose, too; ultimately helping to improve breathing issues, repair damage from injuries, or correct a birth defect.

For those planning on undergoing rhinoplasty, a surgeon will consider a patient’s facial features, as well as the skin on their nose, and what needs to be changed. If you are a successful candidate for the procedure, a customized plan will be developed by your surgeon to ensure success.

It’s important to note that depending on your insurance plan, all or some of rhinoplasty surgery is covered. Before the procedure, a patient will meet with their surgeon to talk about some important things to think about, and whether the surgery will work well for you. Below are 10 other things you should consider about rhinoplasty.