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10 Ways to Stay Active and Beat the Winter Blues


The winter season gets such a bad reputation doesn’t it? It’s cold, dreary at times, snow-filled, and dark. It can make things a tad trickier to complete, but it can also be a beautiful time of year to reboot your system. The air is crisp, the holidays are around, and the New Year is approaching, why not stay active and beat those winter blues?

Try some or all of these tips to get going and stay happy all winter long:

  • Walking- get out of the house! Unless it is absolutely frigid outside, there is no reason why you can’t get your blood pumping and burn some calories. Take a walk around your neighborhood, around a local track, or through a park.
  • Become a student- take up classes for the winter and learn something new! Pottery, dancing, art, cooking, learn a new language- the possibilities are endless. Think of how much you could learn each winter season?
  • Take your outdoor summer sports and play them indoors? Go swimming at a local indoor pool, do indoor tennis, basketball, soccer, etc.
  • Volunteer- there will never be a time when volunteers won’t be needed in your city. Check into libraries, schools, fire departments, hospitals, animal shelters, blood drives and so forth.
  • Purchase exercise equipment- it doesn’t have to be super pricey either, you can find loads of gently used treadmills and bikes online. Get them set up in a place that you will actually use them, and set aside time each day to commit to them. Even twenty minutes a day can be a life changing step to staying chipper all winter.
  • Dive into winter and embrace it- snow is beautiful if you ask most people. Get outdoors and go skiing, snow tubing, ice skating, hiking, sledding, snowboarding, play hockey- you get the idea.
  • Get cooking- no one wants to slave over a piping hot stove in the heat of the summer, instead use the colder winter months to sharpen your chef abilities. Create stews, bake, make crockpot recipes, can stuff and save it for later, there are millions of free recipes online waiting for you to try!
  • Make a weekly event- this gives you something to look forward to and plan for. Create a weekly book club, wine club, cigar club, walking club, poker club- anything that gets you off the sofa for a few hours, keeps you social, and gets those spirits up.
  • Go visit someone- if you live where you grew up, odds are you know a lot of family and friends that are close by that you can schedule a visit with. If by chance you do not have a lot of connections in your city, start making someone else’s day by visiting kids in hospitals, senior citizens in nursing homes, go play with dogs in shelters, visit veterans at their local meetings, your visit could very well be the reason someone smiles today!
  • Challenge yourself- maybe taking a walk won’t suffice for you, maybe you’re an athlete but have nothing to do when it’s cold outside. For you, it’s time to register for some competitions! Sign up for a 5K, 10K, marathon, triathlon, or Spartan race. You will have something to train for, and gain so much pride after completing it!




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