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108-Year-Old Finally Gets Namesake, After 70 Descendants


At 108 years young, Esmond Allcock has a huge family. With six kids, 17 grandkids, 36 great-grandkids, and 12 great-great-grandkids, the only downfall to this is that with over 70 descendants, Allcock has never had one named after him.
That is, until recently.

CNN reported that just last year, upon giving birth to her son, Jenna Lehne, great-granddaughter to Allcock, decided to change all that by naming her second boy after Esmond.

Lehne would draft a post, which was later published on Love What Matter (a site that honors true stories around compassion and love), about the moment her great-grandfather met his name sake, stating to her that she didn’t truly know what this all meant to him.

So why did Jenna decide to name her second child after Allcock? When she was pregnant with her little Esmond, older Esmond mentioned to his wife that he had 70 descendants and not one was named after him. As she and her husband had wanted to name their child after someone in the family, naming him Esmond made that much more sense.

The little namesake was born in early January 2017, and with living five hours away from her grandfather, adding in the weather of a typical Canadian winter, a visit was impossible right away. However, once the snow melted, Lehne took her little one to visit Allcock in the spring as a surprise and to introduce him to the other Esmond in the family.

And while there are members of the family that have taken on Esmond as a middle name, her little Esmond is officially the great-great-grandfather’s first namesake, most likely holding a special place in his heart.

While older Esmond didn’t recognize Jenna and the baby initially, once he did realize who they were and learned about his namesake, his reaction was incredible.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t take over seven decades for little Esmond’s name to be passed on as well.





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