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Cannabis Treatment For Children Is On The Rise


Being a parent is never an easy feat, but it truly tugs at your heartstrings when you witness your child suffering from an illness, or eve worse; in agonizing pain. Of course, all children will live through sicknesses as they grow, and the common protocol is obviously to take them to their pediatrician’s office, and have them treated. Unfortunately, not all kids are sick with the common cold, as thousands are living with life threatening illnesses all over the globe. Some, who may even be getting sicker from their treatments, which can leave the parents in an awful tug of war with their medical practitioners.

Childhood cancer has come a long way from the decades of sick boys and girls losing their battles with the awful disease. While oncologists are saving more lives than ever in 2017, there are still thousands of children fighting for a miracle. When chemotherapy, prescription drugs, and radiation aren’t saving your child, would you look into administering medical marijuana?

This is exactly what many parents are either currently researching, or giving to their children in an effort to ditch the traditional cancer treatment plan within a hospital setting, and instead treat their children at home through cannabis. Of course, this form of treatment may not be for everyone, but recently, there are more and more cases of pediatric cancer patients sharing their success stories as a result of switching to medical marijuana.

Families like this one reported in the Texas Tribune, where their daughter was living with a seizure condition and nothing else was working to decrease her pain, so they tried THCA oil, which comes from a marijuana plant. Noting a difference in their child’s pain level, they certainly wanted to continue using the oil, but weren’t able to as residents in the state of Texas as this particular product wasn’t legal there. Willing to stop at nothing to help improve their daughter’s life, they relocated to Colorado where she can continue to use the oil and reap the benefits of less symptoms from her seizures.

This is such a taboo topic still in 2017, but as more of these success stories become public of using cannabis treatments for conditions like autism, epilepsy, and cancer, it certainly sheds some light on a very hot topic worthy of discussing.





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