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The Gross Truth Behind Not Washing Your Sheets Regularly


There’s nothing quite like getting into bed after a long, stressful day at work, right? As appealing as that sounds, have you recently considered how dirty your bed might actually be before climbing into it without a care in the world? Most people don’t, so try not to beat yourself up about it, which is why this article is a must read!

Laundry experts are suggesting your sheets need to be cleaned biweekly, pillowcases need cleaned once a week, and duvet covers require biweekly cleaning. Have you been washing yours on this cycle? Probably not, but you really need to in order to avoid any health hazards. Additionally, if you sleep with any dogs, or cats, this can require even more washing on a regular basis as their fur tends to collect germs, dust, and all sorts of bugs just from going outside to release themselves everyday that you just don’t see at first glance. You love your pets, and sleeping with them is totally adorable, just take mental note to wash your sheets once a week instead of biweekly.

The other, extremely gross thought, is that several forms of bacteria can actually live inside your bedding and you may never realize it. E. Coli, ringworm, herpes, and athlete’s foot infection are just a tiny glimpse into what could very well be living in your bed each night.

The experts at Well and Good have reported that the hotter water temperature that you wash your sheets in, the brighter the sheets become. That hot water does the best trick to remove dirt from sheets and pillowcases. Just take a peek at the washing instructions before you toss them in the washing machine with hot water to ensure you aren’t ruining silk or some other form of fragile fabric.

When you consider how much you sweat and drool (ok maybe your partner does, not you, right?) that should be motivating enough to put you sheets in the washer right away. It’s always a best practice to do this bedding wash on a certain day that you know you’ll have the time to get it done in a routine fashion, such as every Sunday you do the bedding wash cycle. If you find that after washing them appropriately that they still don’t feel as clean as you would like them to be, it may be time to replace them with a fresh, new sheet set. Money well invested on your health and better sleep!





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