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The 12 Most Common Medical Mistakes


When we are children, for the most part, our parents or guardians took care of everything on our behalves. They provided us with food, shelter, guidance and support. However, as we grow, the timeless adage that “no man is an island” becomes more and more true. While with age certainly comes more independence (whether welcomed or not), in reality, it is near impossible to live in our modern society without relying on others to a degree. And in that reliance, more often than not, a certain standard of care is expected.

If you have a car then you likely know that sometimes things can go wrong with it. When that happens, usually one will take it to a professional mechanic to get it fixed. And when you do, you do so expecting to be treated fairly and honestly. When you hand over your keys you expect him or her to truthfully assess the problem, charge you fairly for parts and labor, and ensure that the problem you came in to have fixed, is, in fact, fixed. Simple, right?

Assuming you aren’t bald (a fact in which there is nothing wrong with) then you likely have to go and get your haircut every once and while, and when that time comes, you likely go to a professional barber or stylist. You walk in expecting to be served at the time of your appointment, you expect the stylist or barber to be kind and friendly, and most importantly, you expect them to cut your hair to the style you asked for. Again, seems pretty simple.

Whenever we find ourselves in need of a professional, a certain standard of care is expected. However, as we are all human, sometimes mistakes happen. A mechanic can forget to put the cap back on the oil tank, or the stylist or barber could accidentally cut your hair too short or in the wrong style. When these unwanted occurrences happen, it isn’t the end of the world, and while not ideal, it’s not like a bad haircut or a loose oil cap will kill you, right? But what happens when a professional’s mistake could, in fact, kill you.

Unlike mechanics and hairdressers, there is another, much more important professional that most of us see, and they are of the medical variety. However, often when we see them, the stakes are a little higher than a good haircut, and the result of mistakes can be fatal.

Doctors, nurses and other medical professional are held to perhaps the highest standard of care, and for good reason. Doctors, like other professionals, are entrusted to do the things that we can’t do for ourselves, and that usually involves treating us, curing us, and saving our lives. But again, doctors and nurses are human, and like other professionals, they too can make mistakes.

While the following examples should in no way sway you to think twice about visiting the doctor the next time you are sick, we feel you should still be aware that these professionals, while highly regarded, do make mistakes like anyone else, and given how costly they can potentially be, it is better to know the possible pitfalls. So without further delay, allow us to present to you some of the most common, shocking and potentially fatal mistakes made by medical professionals that continue to happen to this day.





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