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12 Easy Ways To Get Into Shape For Free


Getting in shape doesn’t require financially draining gym memberships, or fad diets that leave you fainting at work. Instead, think outside of the box and check out these extremely easy ways to get healthy and tone up for free:

12: Go outside! Take your dogs for walk, a run, tote your little one around in a wagon or stroller. The mind absolutely loves being outside in the fresh air and being active. Once you begin making a habit of walking or running even for twenty minutes a day, your body will begin to crave it and the pounds will come off.

11: Play with your kids! Have a backyard? Set up an obstacle course, chase them around for thirty minutes, or play an actual game of hockey or basketball. You’re gaining quality time with your babies and cutting down those inches.

10: Yoga/Pilates: Both of these age-old posing methods have been known to tone up bodies for centuries. Neither of them require any equipment except a soft place to practice on the floor and an open mind willing to try something new. Your core will start to shrink first from these poses, followed by toned arms and legs.

9: Boxing: You can look up “shadowboxing” workouts courtesy of YouTube for free and follow a video in your own living room. Throwing punches and hooks in the air will have your stress level plummeting, and your calories burning. Take it up a notch and purchase a cheap jump-rope; jumping rope for a few minutes a day burns a ton of calories and tones your legs incredibly fast!

8: Hiking: Even if you don’t reside close to a massive mountain to conquer, you can still find hiking trails literally everywhere. Some have inclined hills, some are mostly flat but provide a terrain that will get your heart pumping.

7: Military workouts: If isn’t broke, don’t fix it right? Doing sets of pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, planks, squats, pull-ups and so forth will have you sweating up a storm.

6: Strength training: If you don’t own small weights, you can make your own dumbbells by using things in your own home such as a half-gallon jug filled with water. Here is a great example of a home video strength training routine:

5: Dancing: No one is home but you; put on some tunes and start dancing your tail off!

4: Community swimming pools: There are loads of local pools that allow town residents to swim in their pools for free. Some may charge a fee, but at best it’s one or two dollars; totally worth it!

3: Stop eating for no reason: Your body will tell you when it requires fuel, otherwise stop mindless eating. Cut hundreds of calories out of your day by skipping the drinks and consuming water. Don’t eat three hours before bedtime either, just by doing these three tips you will drop in size!

2: Old school: throw some ankle weights on and clean your house. Run up and down your stairs until you can’t anymore. Do standing squats against a wall and hold them as long as you can. Garden outside, walk to the store, you get the idea.

1: Partner up: Motivation is the single most threat to anyone trying to keep up their workouts. Invite a friend over and start getting fit together; go walking through shopping malls, clean out your attics, move furniture around, have a yard sale, take your kids out to a playground and so forth.






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