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12 Reasons Anger is Bad for Your Health and What to Do About it


Anger is a heavy emotion. It serves a purpose and can be a motivating factor to bring about necessary changes in our lives. But, it depends on how the anger is managed. In fact, studies show that expressing anger in moderate form and channeled through communication and by creating ‘safe zones’ in your life, can be a very helpful and healthy way of processing anger.  And managing anger in a constructive way is far better for mind-body balance than suppressing it. Either way, anger is present in everyone’s life and studies show that most people experience mild to moderate anger ranging from several times per day to several times per week. As such, it serves us all well to be aware of anger and to do what we can to minimize its impact on our health.

The following are 12 proven health risks that can manifest or be made worse by the frequent mismanagement of anger in your life:


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