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12 Reasons That E-Cigarettes Are Bad For You


Electronic cigarettes are on fire ! This high-tech smoking alternative is taking the nicotine market by storm and is seeing exponential growth in the past 5 years. Marketed as a healthy alternative to smoking, e-cigs are fast gaining fans and market share faster than you can say electronic carcinogen. But are they truly safer than smoking ? Are they the answer for people trying to quit ? Should parents and teachers lighten up on the new electro-nic hit ? Or should we throw e-cigs in the trash tray with other well marketed but quietly harmful trends like low-fat diets and ‘clean coal’ ? Well the jury’s still out on the health question but one thing’s for sure, e-cigarettes are on pace to outsell tobacco products within a decade. Young people are signing on to the trend and vaping in record numbers.

In their journey to find the next cool thing, high tech device and attention-adrenaline gizmo they have given a thumbs up to vape cigarettes. But laws have not stayed with these high-tech times, and there are serious gaps in regulations that would make most parents shutter.

Here are 12 reasons why you should do some research before giving the green light to the new black in nicotine technology:  


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