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12 Scary Signs You’re in a Codependent Relationship


The timeless adage that “no man is an island” simply means that as human beings, we do not do well or flourish when isolated from others. This concept goes well beyond the first relationship we experience when we are born with our parents or guardians(which is one of complete dependence, in case you were wondering), and more into the types of relationships we have throughout our lives. Or another way of looking at it is the relationships we chose for ourselves.

For most, the average life is filled with hundreds, if not thousands of different relationships. Some of these will be personal friends, work associates, gym acquaintances, doctor and patient, parental, spouse, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, familial, and the man who serves you your coffee every morning – the list goes on. However, while each of those relationships ultimately provides you with something, as most people can testify, not all relationships are created equal. And in some instances, being in a relationship can be just downright unhealthy. Welcome to the frightening world of the codependent relationship.

Although not the only type of unhealthy relationship a person could find themselves in, a codependent one is most certainly among the worst. Originally coined as a way to describe people who were in a relationship with an addict, the term has since been broadened to include any type of dysfunctional helping relationship in which one party enables and even supports the others negative behavior.

Typically, a codependent relationship is characterized by being one-sided, with one person relying on the other for all of their emotional and self-esteem needs. Sadly, codependency is learned behavior, and is of the nature that it can easily be the past down from one generation to the next; that is until the behavior is first recognized, and secondly, stopped. Which begs the question – how would you know you’re in a codependent relationship? Fortunately, we have an answer to that question.





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