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12 Surprising & Unexpected Health Benefits of Sex


If you are in or have been, in a long-term relationship then you have likely encountered this quandary before – what to do when only one of you feels like having sex. For many couples, it seems as though their partner has no shortage of reasons to not have sex at that moment. “Oh no, sorry hun, but I have a headache,” or maybe, “I’d love to, but you know I have to get up early and go to work,” and the ever popular “Not tonight, I’m just too tired.” Yes, it seems that there are many reasons for a couple to not have sex, some more valid than others, however, have you ever taken the opportunity to actually think about the reason to have sex?

Everybody thinks about sex, and some statistic as to the frequency of those thoughts can be rather alarming, albeit, over inflated. But why though? When asked, most people will give the same two answers as to the reasoning behind sex: to procreate and to experience pleasure. However, as I think the vast majority of us can attest to, most people have had sex to not have a baby, and even when they haven’t felt like it, or even enjoyed it. So now that we know that there are obviously more reasons, what are they?

If pressed, we are sure that many of you could come up with more reasons other than procreation and pleasure to have sex. Well, according to one survey that was published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, their researchers came up with a staggering 237 reasons. And while that is only one survey and that number is rather intimidating in size, there appears to be much overlap across studies in regards to the motives for sex.

For many, the driving force behind sex is for physical reasons. Perhaps they are looking to either release tension or experience pleasure. Some even report that it was a physical desirability that caused them to have sex or the pursuit of an experience. Next, we have people who have sex in order to attain goals. Perhaps they believe that sleeping with the right people will help elevate their social status, or maybe, it is an act of revenge on someone else. It could be the reasons you are having sex are emotional; an expression of your love and commitment for another. Or finally, maybe your reasons for having sex stem from insecurity. Maybe having sex boosts your self-esteem or you feel it is your duty to your partner.

Yes, the reasons for having sex are numerous and for most, it’s much more than they initially thought. However, one reason for having sex that doesn’t often get cited but we think is among the most impressive is this – having sex is good for your health.

Yes, you read that correctly. Most people would agree that sex can be pretty great on its own, however, when you add in scientifically proven health benefits on top of the, well, you know, then you may just find yourself with a pretty darn good reason to have more of it. So how does sex take you from just feeling good to be healthier? Well, sit back, maybe grab your partner, and keep reading as we delve into some of the surprising health benefits that you can get from sex.





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