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15 Fatty Foods That Are Great for Your Health


Fat, fat, fat ! It seems, when it comes to food, there’s just no escaping thinking about it. Good fat, bad fat, high and low density fat, saturated, unsaturated, plant-based, and Omega-3, 6, and other fats, plus a whole host of unpronounceable fats that we’re advised to seek, find and consume… or avoid. It’s enough to keep your fat consciousness drowning in a sea of studies, recommendations and warnings .. meanwhile your need for juicy fats grows, hitting maximum as you pass aisle after grocer aisle of the most mouthwatering fatty offerings. But here comes the fat cavalry to rescue your drooling self from confusion, and see to it that your healthy fatty craving is satisfied, without breaking your precious heart with cardiovascular disease. Here are 15 very fatty, very delicious and very healthy foods that you can eat daily and still make your needy heart full with joy, and absent the empty-calorie guilt:


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