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15 Reasons You’re NOT Hungry


Why do we eat? This may seem like a rather simple question with an all too obvious answer – we eat food so that we can stay alive. But why stop asking questions there; why is it that we so often find ourselves slaves to our appetites? What is it exactly that is happening in our bodies that require us to eat?

Everyone should be familiar with the idea of something requiring fuel in order to work or keep going. Your home requires electricity, your car requires gasoline, and by the same logic, you and I require food in order to power our continued existence.

According to Jonathan Crowe, author of Chemistry For The Biosciences, “the foods we eat provide us with a range of nutrients: vitamins, minerals, water, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, and protein. These nutrients are put to different uses — as building materials to construct the tissues and organs from which our bodies are made; as the components of the molecular machinery that keep our cells running as they should. All of these uses are unified by a common theme: a requirement for energy to make them happen.” However, as just about each and everyone can attest to if they are being honest is that all too often we find ourselves eating for other, less essential reasons.

Sometimes (ourselves included) eat when we are bored. After all, eating does seem like a good solution to pass the time when you have nothing better to do. However, eating only last so long (we hope) until you find yourself back at square one. Other times people eat because other people are eating. Let’s say you are sitting at a big table with family or friends; the wine is flowing and the conversation is good. In this situation, it can be very easy to forget how full you are, or how much you have already eaten when you are so enamored with your environment.

Many people also report eating food when they feel tired, and it is usually around the midday mark where people find their resolve weaning and their energy levels plummeting until they get a sugary or caffeine-filled treat. Some people will eat simply because the clock tells them to, regardless of whether they are actually hungry. And many, much more find themselves eating because it is free, or available, and as the timeless adage goes, “never turn down a free meal.”

While most of us are familiar with feeling hungry, or the experience of eating when we are not, it doesn’t often come up in conversation as to the reasons a person isn’t hungry, especially when they should be. This is likely further compounded by a rapidly growing rate of obesity and an over obsession with body image, however, knowing how important eating is, it seems only prudent and most of all logical that we address the reasons why you are not providing your body with the fuel it needs. So with good health and the public’s well-being in the forefront, allow us to present to you 15 reasons that you’re NOT hungry, and a couple of tips to help get your hunger back on track.





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