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15 Things That A Broken Heart Does To Your Body


There are few things better in this world than the feeling of being in love. For many, the quest to find the right partner is of high priority in our formidable years, which makes sense when you consider all the benefits of it. Sure, it is nice to always have someone to eat dinner with, go to the movies and to fall asleep next to each night, a person to share your thoughts and feelings and to help you through the difficult times. However, the benefits of being love go much further than that, for being love is actually good for your health.

According to research, people who are in love visit the doctor’s office less often. They also report experiencing less depression and substance abuse, lowered anxiety, lowered blood pressure, demonstrate better stress management, have fewer colds and even heal faster and live longer. Yes, being in love is in many ways what life is all about, and it comes with the benefits to prove it. But knowing as we do that being in love comes with benefits to one’s health, wouldn’t it only stand to reason that having one’s heart broken would cause the opposite fact and have a negative impact on one’s body? The answer is yes!

Having your heart broken does much more than free up your Saturday nights, for it can wreak havoc on your body and mind in measurable and tangible ways. Don’t believe us? Well then that must mean you have never had your heart broken, for those of us who have will certainly be able to relate to these 15 things that a broken heart can do to your body.





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