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16 Signs You Have A Hormonal Imbalance


Most commonly we hear about them in reference to teenagers, pregnant woman, and athletes; however, in reality, every living creature is affected by them on a daily basis – hormones. And while some people would know them by name and have some general concept of what they do, for the average person, these important facets of the body are ultimately a mystery; until now.

Hormones are special chemical messengers in the body that are created in the endocrine glands, according to the Hormone Health Network. Hormones control just about every bodily function; everything from your most basic needs like hunger and sleep to more complex ones such as when the onset of puberty begins and controlling your reproductive system. However, knowing how important hormones are, even just the smallest imbalance can cause life-changing symptoms.

Let’s say for example that your adrenal glands are producing cortisol in connection with your stress response. Seems harmless right? Well, it is unless you’re a woman who’s sex drive and menstrual cycle can become impacted by high levels of cortisol. This can also be a factor behind people developing anxiety and depression disorders. So what causes it?

In order for a person to be healthy, their hormones must work in balance to allow the body to thrive. The problem is that hormonal “ups and downs” are quite normal, especially in woman, and can be the result of many different factors. According to doctors, the most common time for a hormonal imbalance in women is during premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy, and menopause, however, other lifestyle factors can cause hormones to fluctuate. Being overweight, not getting enough exercise, or a lack of sleep can all throw your hormones off balance. Which leads us to perhaps the most important question – how would you know?

Being sick and not doing anything about it is the equivalent to driving around in your car with the “Check Engine” light on and then being surprised when your car needs repairs. However, unlike cars, humans don’t come with a “check hormones” light, or any other warning light for that matter, but what we do have is a series of well-documented symptoms and signs that can help you determine if you should visit the doctor. So on that note and with good hormonal health in the forefront, allows us to present to you some of the most common signs that you might have a hormonal imbalance.





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