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16 Weird Things Our Bodies Do Everyday Explained


When asked, most people would describe themselves as relatively normal, after all, most of us do more or less the same thing every day. However, when you really take a moment to think about some of the mundane things we do, you may begin to notice that they really aren’t all that normal, and in fact, they are kind of weird.

Have you ever yelled out spastically and uncontrollably before in response to something funny; otherwise known as laughing. Or maybe your eyes started to leak after something sad happened, also known as crying. And maybe after you were crying, you had a very difficult time swallowing, almost as though it felt like something was in your throat, but you’re confident you didn’t put anything there, also referred to as a lump in the throat. And this all seems normal to you?

While time has a tendency to make even the oddest of occurrences become more normalized, upon further analysis, you’d have to agree that humans and the human body do some pretty weird things every day. And today, we are not only going to tell you what those things are but even better, we also explain to you why they happen.





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