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17 Serious Warning Signs You May Have a Drinking Problem


Have you ever had a long day at work and just wished that you were home and relaxing with your feet up? Or have you ever gone to a party with friends in hopes of dancing the night away? Perhaps your idea of a good time is heading out with a group to a cottage for a week, or maybe you are a diehard baseball fan who never misses a game? Regardless of which one of these examples you relate to, chances are that you are among the millions, if not billions, of people across the globe who enjoy these or similar activities while consuming alcohol.

The consumption of alcohol is not only an acceptable practice in many cultures across the globe, it was one that is encouraged and is so ingrained as a pairing with countless activities that it has developed into a social norm. And while there is nothing wrong with the consumption of alcohol in any of its many forms when done responsibly; as is the nature of addiction, it may not be apparent when a person drinking turns from a social practice to a personal problem.

And the fact that alcohol is so socially acceptable only serves to further compound the problem, especially considering its rampant availability. Which begs the question, how would you know if you or someone you care about has a drinking problem, for if there is one fact about addicts it is that they can be especially good at hiding their problem, often, even from themselves. It is for this reasons that we have compiled this list, so with an open mind and the knowledge that you aren’t alone and help is available, allow us to present to you some serious warning signs that you may have a drinking problem.





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