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20 Gross Things We All Do When Nobody’s Looking


For most of us, the person that walks out the front door of your home, ready to face is the day is a lot different than the person who first wakes up in your bed that morning. In fact, we are also willing to bet that the person who sits down for dinner with your friends at a restaurant is also a lot different than the person who orders pizza and watches Netflix all night. So why is that?

While we like to think of ourselves as one whole, unique person, in reality, most of us are two unique persons, and they can be crudely divided by the person that you are when you are out in public, and the person you are behind closed doors, or when you ‘think’ nobody’s looking. For when there is nobody around, people will usually let their guard down, and often their personal standards, because, well, that’s a tricky one. However, the reality is that we all are guilty of doing gross things when we think nobody else is around, and just because there is nobody around to see it, doesn’t make it any less disgusting, unsanitary, and in some cases, just plain wrong. We know you do some of them (we do too), except now we are going to call you out on them. So take a look around and make sure nobody is watching as you prepare to fess up to the gross things we all do when nobody’s looking.


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