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2015 Brings New Apps to Help You Attain Better Overall Health


With a brand new year in the making, the world has a fresh outlook on getting fit and fabulous! While everyone has the best of intensions this time of year, it can be so easy to fall back into old habits. The best tips for shedding a few pounds and keeping them from ever returning is to formulate a fitness plan that is easy enough for your follow and stick with. An excellent method of doing such is by allowing technology to do all of your dirty work. Using one of the many health apps available for your smartphone, tablet, or even smart watch device will increase your odds of getting beach body ready immensely. The Tech Radar crew [] did their own research on which apps they think will greatly improve your health naming some awesome new apps out there sure to be fan favorites. Check out some of the best of which ones made the cut, in addition to some other proven ways to stay trim and healthy overall.

If you have an iPhone, you most likely already downloaded the iOS 8 update. In doing so, this year you noticed Apple changed a few things by aiming to make the device even more user friendly. They included a health app that is completely free and built right into the iOS module update. Upon using the app, you can track how many steps you take per day, calories burned, heart rate stats, and much more. This app also links to a slew of other fitness applications so that you can keep all of your data in one handy spot.

If you’re a runner, some excellent options are the Runtastic app, and RunKeeper apps. They have been developed to run congruently with your phone’s GPS abilities, to track your route each time you run, give you fitness goals, and even sync to your favorite running music. Jawbone is the “it” fitness trend this year with their product line that aims to simplify the whole exercise process for its users by using wearable tracking devices and their apps that work with you all day long. By the end of the day you’ll know how many calories you burned, how many steps you took, and will have a much clearer viewpoint on what your next fitness goal needs to be.

What else can apps do for your health in 2015? There is a new app called “Sick Weather” that is rather remarkable in in its capabilities. The app allows users from around the globe to alert others when they are sick. It then places those illness reports in a live map so that everyone using the app can track diseases such as the flu before possibly traveling to another city, or starting at home prevention to avoid future infection.

Throughout 2015 there are sure to be even more advanced applications to make fitness seem a lot less like work for users everywhere. Test out the ones you feel would add most to your daily routine, and the beauty of app use is if you don’t care for the app just delete it. Millions of users have found great success losing weight by having a tighter grip on what they are or aren’t doing for their bodies each day through the app’s daily analytics.





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