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23 of the Most Naturally Testosterone Boosting Foods


When you hear the word ‘testosterone’, what first comes to mind? For many, their thoughts go directly to aggression; after all, testosterone is known as the “manly hormone.” However, in this sentiment many would be wrong, at least, that is what new research out of the University of Bonn is reporting, and that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how misunderstood testosterone is.

According to research, testosterone does much more to a person than simply making them more aggressive. For starters, research indicates that higher levels of testosterone may actually make a person more honest. Another study out of Wayne State University compared two groups of men competing for the affection of a woman and the results showed that those with higher T levels were more confident, assertive, better conversationalists and ‘clicked’ better with the woman. Having higher levels of testosterone also comes with many health benefits including a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity. And it isn’t only the men that can benefit from more testosterone because according to a study out of the University of Michigan, women with higher testosterone levels consistently reported more positive sexual experiences. So maybe testosterone isn’t as bad as we all once thought it was, which begs the next question – how do we get more of it? Glad you asked, and the answer can be as simple as the food you choose to eat.


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