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600 Lbs. Of Meth-Lollipops Seized In Texas


The drug epidemic continues to spiral out of control in North America. A recent story coming out of Texas has reports indicating that police have gathered close to one million dollars-worth of lollipops, laced with meth.

CNN reported that Houston police were on scene to investigate a burglary in a home, when they discovered 600 pounds of the drug candy, which was homemade and melted into a variety of kid-friendly character shapes from popular movies such as Star Wars and Batman. Officials have reported stated that the value of these drugs on the street are estimated at approximately one million dollars.
But, how did the bust come to be?

As per the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, on Monday June 12th, a neighbor in the area contacted officials to alert them to a home being burglarized. When they arrived at the house to investigate, police found a female and male taking lollipops out of the house and into a vehicle.

According to a lieutenant of the station, the twosome had so many drugs in their car, the hatch back would not close. Officials have reason to believe that the woman involved in the scenario had stayed at the home at one point in time.

Sgt. Cedrick Collier of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office has stated that this incident is the first of its type in this region. He also noted that the home was the area that the two suspects manufactured the lollipop-drug. As Collier added in a statement, it was clear the duo were making these items in the kitchen.

There is a tremendous amount of concern that the candy-drugs were made to target kids, as the shapes and designs were those of characters that would be attractable to children. The incident has really hit home in this Houston area and affected everyone in the community, especially knowing that there are people out there producing items to market to their children.





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