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8 Foods That Are Totally Draining Your Energy


As there is no guarantee as to when you are reading this, allow us to pose you a question for the future. No, no, don’t worry, we aren’t asking for your long term plans or goals, although we wish you the best in achieving them. Rather, let’s keep it simple, and think to yourself – “what do I have to do tomorrow?”

While we don’t know your answer to this question, as sadly, technology hasn’t reached the point of instantaneous, telepathic replies, allow us to tell you about our friend Mary and what she has to do tomorrow, and maybe you might see some similarities.

Now Mary is married and has two kids, 7 and 12 respectively. She also works full time, so morning can be a little hectic. Typically, she’s up by 6:00 am, puts the coffee on and begins making lunches for the children. By the time her first cup is done and the lunches are made it is about 6:30ish and time for her to hop in the shower. While difficult to leave what is arguably the least frantic moment in her day, it is nearing 7:00 am by the time she is out of the shower, blow drying her hair and getting ready for work.

By 7:30 am, Mary is downstairs with her husband and children as they tag team packing school bags and preparing breakfast for all four of them. After another cup of coffee, Mary is out the door by 8:00 am, and has to drop off the children at school and get herself to work. Now the real fun begins.

Mary works in HR, and has two presentations before noon, at which point she has a working lunch with one of the department heads. Hopefully, it won’t run too late, as she has to pick up the children’s newly hemmed school uniforms and her lunch hour is just about the only free time she has. After lunch, she has 4 interviews for a newly opened position to fill and needs to get a leg up on her Friday workload as she has a hockey tournament with her eldest that requires her taking the day off.

After work Mary needs to stop off at the grocery store and get home to relieve the sitter and prepare dinner as her youngest has a swimming lesson at 7 pm and her eldest a hockey practice, but fortunately her husband can take him to that. By the time she gets home from swimming it is nearly 8:30 pm, just enough time for her to bathe her daughter before her husband and son get home from hockey.

By 9:30 pm, everyone is home, the children are in bed and in the uncommon silence, she notices that the house is a disaster, and along with her husband they attempt to put a dent in the damage. After filling the dishwasher, scrubbing the pots, picking up the toys and taking the dog for a much needed walk, it is about 10:30 pm and the thought of even lifting the TV remote seems to strenuous to Mary and she heads to bed with her husband to try and get some rest. After all, she has to do it all over again the following day.

Does Mary’s day sound a little familiar? Likely, however, you could easily interchange the specifics and the outcome would be the same – a feeling of fatigue at the end of day. Needless to say, Mary accomplishes a lot in the course of the day, and in order to do so, she needs energy, and much like everyone else, Mary get this energy from the food she eats. However, not all food is created equally.

While we all know that some foods are better for you than others and that some foods provide more energy, you may be surprised to know that some foods actually drain your energy. And assuming your day is anything like Mary’s, you are likely aware that losing that precious energy just won’t do.

So what foods should you avoid if you want to maintain your energy levels and accomplish everything throughout the course of the day? Glad you asked, for here are 8 foods that will drain your energy and leave you wondering where the time went.





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