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9-Year-Old Cancer Patient Wants Cards To Celebrate Last Christmas


Jacob Thompson is like any other nine-year-old. He loves Lego, Star Wars, and Minecraft. According to his stepmom Tara Artinyan, Jacob is a comedian, singer, and loves to dabble in photography. Still, what he loves most of all are penguins.

However, unlike your average nine-year-old, Jacob currently has Stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma and doctors have informed his family recently that Jacob probably has about one month to live.
His family has decided to celebrate the holidays earlier than normal and what Jacob wants more than anything is for others to join in his Christmas spirit by sending him cards.

CNN reported that as Jacob’s dad Roger relayed, the he recently received some Halloween cards and got really excited. He read them to his family with a huge smile on his face and it really brightened his day.

Jacob has been battling high-risk neuroblastoma since age five and as per the American Cancer Society, only 50% of kids diagnosed with the condition hit a survival mark of five years. On October 11th, Jacob was taken to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital where is was discovered that the illness was incurable and had spread to his head.

His family has decided to bypass the holiday waiting and celebrate as soon as possible; wanting to give him one last Christmas celebration. For Jacob that means a decorated tree, lots of snow, and Santa. However, before Christmas will hit his home, Jacob has asked for Christmas cards around the globe from anyone who wants to share the holiday spirit he has.

Days after he announced this, he’s received a plethora of cards from across the United States, as well as all around the globe, including Denmark, Australia, the Netherlands, and even Antarctica … where the penguins live.

For anyone who would like to send the nine-year-old a card, address details are below:

Jacob Thompson
c/o Maine Medical Center
22 Bramhall Street
Portland, ME 04102 USA





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