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About Us

As a part of the RangeMedia Group of websites, is an online resource that offers credible insight and in-depth information around health and wellness topics that matter to you.

A leading source of health content on the web, our mission is to provide the best quality of information that focuses on health and related subjects. As such, we offer relevant health news, in-depth knowledge, advise, and tips, in a format that is not only easy to understand and follow, but one that can be trusted, as well.

Therefore, the staff at RMHealthy are serious about credibility when it comes to the health content we publish for our readers. The site is reviewed and updated frequently by an expert panel of health professionals in all areas, ensuring to source timely and original health information. We work hand-in-hand with the health community to offer important, up-to-date, and relevant health and wellness information; not only to inform our audiences, but to engage, and at times, entertain.

To ensure we cover a variety of topics that interest readers, RMHealthy’s content creators combine experts in journalist writing and health specialists in all fields of interest, all across the board. Whether you are a doctor, nurse, dentist or hygienist – and are interested in joining our review panel – we encourage all health professionals to reach out to us at We are quite committed to enhancing the site, and consistently looking to broaden our content, and find more ways of reaching out to the public by offering the best-of-the-best in health information; with an ultimate goal to enhance the quality of life for our reader’s, their family, and friends.

– Team

The information on is not intended to be a substitute for media guidance, diagnosis or treatment of any illnesses or symptoms. The content of this particular web property is for general purposes only and should be treated as such.