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According To Governor Doug Ducey, No Additional Taxes On Sodas For Arizonians


In 2018, everyone has become overwhelmingly aware of how detrimental drinking soda can be for your health, but millions of people still adore their beloved carbonated beverages, and the industry is still thriving. It seems as though most people fall into one of three categories where food is concerned in this day and age. They either fall under the totally organic, healthy eating lifestyle, the soda drinking/eat what they like category, or they live somewhere in the middle, as someone who watches what they eat, but still has cake. All in moderation, right?

Well, the issue with soda is that it really has no nutritional value whatsoever. So much so, that it can deteriorate your bones, your teeth, and your waistline if it’s consumed all too often. Children have become totally addicted to it, with some only consuming soda products entirely all day long, with no milk, water, or otherwise being incorporated into their daily diet. Gone are the days for most where Mom was a stay at home parent having home cooked meals ready each night. Parents have to work in this day and age, and often kids are at home tending to their own meal choices, which can lead to excess soda drinking, and unhealthy dinners. Because of such a fine line soda is walking, many lawmakers have been rather diligent trying to get states to pass a soda tax to deter people from consuming sodas so often if they cost more.

Gov. Doug Ducey recently signed the House Bill 2484, which prohibits additional taxes to be implemented or sugary drinks. The tax has a reputation for being passed in more “liberal” cities, but overall you would think politics aside here, everyone should want to eat healthy with, or without the tax. This HB 2484 law ensures that local governmental authorities only tax all food products fairly and equally.

AZ Central provided this bleep; “We just can’t let government use tax rates to pick winners and losers in foods and beverages in what we consume today, and to have them try to influence consumers of what they deem to be a good or a bad food,” Explained by Tim McCabe, who is a representative of the Arizona Food Marketing Alliance.

Time will tell if these types of measures already passed in other cities are truly effective at deterring folks from making future soda purchases or not. Thus far, it looks like it will take quite an effort to get the war on surgery drinks to end.





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